Rescuing Children, Empowering Moms, Building Families

Our Mission

Our motto is our mission: Rescuing Children, Empowering Moms, Building Families.
These encompass the whole of GenderSave.

GenderSave exists to combat gendercide and the social attitude that allows and accepts it by focusing on the three integral aspects of our motto. Each aspect has multiple areas of need. Here are the most common services we provide on a regular basis.

Rescuing Children

  • We work diligently to prevent the murder and neglect of young girls in every way we can.
  • Prenatal vitamins are provided to the mother for her health and her unborn daughter’s.
  • A food pantry is available for undernourished pregnant and nursing women who aren’t getting enough food at home to sustain themselves and their child.
  • We provide medical services including prenatal and postnatal care and birthing assistance to let baby girls begin life healthy and strong.
  • Discounted diapers, formula and supplies are made available to mothers to help ensure a healthy life for their children.
  • For abandoned or unwanted girls, we provide food, shelter, education, medical care and seek adoptive parents for them in their home country.
  • When we find abandoned children, we take them in to protect them from sex trafficking and slave labor.

Empowering Moms

  • Training classes in much needed social skills are provided to moms so they can find employment.
  • We provide training and assistance in starting and running a micro-business to moms so they can provide for their families – including their daughters.
  • For abandoned mothers, we assist in finding shelter and jobs so they don’t remain homeless.

Building Families

  • We offer counseling for couples and the extended family where there is division over the birth of a daughter.
  • We explain the worth of daughters as individuals and as a valuable part of the family for more than just producing sons.
  • When possible, we assist in reconciliation of families divided over the birth of a daughter.


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