Rescuing Children, Empowering Moms, Building Families

How to Help

Your donation of any amount is appreciated and will help us turn the cultural tide in the nation of India. You CAN make a difference! Thank you for partnering with GenderSAVE to rescue India’s daughters from gendercide. Every minute matters in saving the children.


$20 provides milk,baby formula,vitamins for an infant girl for one month
$20 Provides food and supplies for pregnant mother for one month
$25 covers one month of school tuition
$80 a month provides training in job trade skills, sales and marketing at local colleges
$84 per month clothes, feeds and cares for one infant girl

Micro Business start up options for self-sufficiency:

Goatery of 4 Goats Costs $ 160
Sewing Machine 3 Costs $300
Milk Cows 2 $1000
Staffing for rural community skill training $ 2250

Details below…

How can I help to SAVE Infant Girls, stop Female Infanticide and Feticide, help pregnant mothers, restore value and respect for females?

First, you can let your voice be heard and address the importance of the sanctity of human life. You can raise awareness of this issue on behalf of all females in India, that everyone should enjoy the benefits of and opportunities in life.

You can make a huge difference in saving life of a girl child. You can help provide short term or long term outreach, and save a child’s life and a mother’s grief.

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