Rescuing Children, Empowering Moms, Building Families

Rescuing Children

GenderSave rescues children from starving and malnutrition providing them with emergency food packages.  We rescue children from abandonment, trafficking and slavery by giving them shelter, clothing, food, medical care and education.  We rescue children from infanticide and feticide through community education, family assistance and direct intervention.

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Gendercide is most visible among younger girls. While their male siblings are strong and healthy, girls are often malnourished, stunted in growth and sickly from lack of nutrition and medical care. GenderSave provides food and medical care to as many of these the girls as possible. We educate families on the value of girls and women and the importance of proper nutrition.

Mothers are just as often malnourished making it nearly impossible for them to care for a daughter their family doesn’t want. GenderSave’s food pantry is available for undernourished pregnant and nursing women who aren’t getting enough food at home to sustain themselves and their child. Prenatal vitamins are provided to the mother for her health and her unborn daughter’s. By keeping mothers healthy, we keep the daughters healthy too. Also in the pantry are discounted diapers, formula and supplies to help ensure a healthy life for these children.

Abandoned girls are a target of sex trafficking and slave labor rings. We watch for abandoned girls and work quickly to get them off the streets and into a shelter where they can hope for a better life. For abandoned or unwanted girls, we provide food, shelter, education, medical care and seek adoptive parents for them in their home country. By working closely with local orphanages, we are able to shelter every girl that comes to us while actively ensuring they are properly cared for and monitoring their health in our own offices.

We work diligently to prevent the murder and neglect of young girls in every way we can. Women who have been told to abort or abandon their daughters can come to us for help. If their daughter would be in danger at home, GenderSave gives them an option for life for their precious daughter.

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